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When you are looking for the best turkey fryer for you sometimes the question you need to ask yourself is how big of a turkey do I want to be able to fry in this wonder of modern cooking technology? If the answer to that question is that you want to be able to fry one gigantic turkey then the Masterbuilt Butterball Turkey Fryer XL could be the best turkey fryer for you.

It is very similar to the Masterbuilt Butterball 20010109 Turkey Fryer in shape and appearance. The difference, as you may have guessed from the name of it is that this is an extra large version that can handle larger turkeys for those big Thanksgiving get togethers. This unit can handle up a 20 lb bird. Even though some of you may be accustomed to fitting larger birds in a conventional oven, you may want to rethink that approach. Our experience here at Best Deep Fryer Reviews is that most of the time is that the turkey meat gets tougher in those gigantic turkeys. Topping out at 20 lbs often times can result in a superior tasting bird.

If of course you are feeding an army of relatives on Thanksgiving then you may need to consider whether or not 20 lbs of turkey will be enough for you and if not, perhaps consider supplementing the Masterbuilt Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer XL with a smaller unit to fry an extra bird. Is there really such a thing as too many deep fryers in a house? My wife might say so but I think the more deep fryers that one has in their kitchen the better.

The features included with this turkey fryer are very similar to that of the smaller models from Butterball: An adjustable thermostat, stainless steel construction, porcelain coated inner pot, and a drain valve that makes clean up easy.

Any time that you are dealing with a large amount of extremely hot oil, safety is a big concern. I try to mention it pretty often when writing deep fryer reviews but you really can’t talk about safety too much. This is especially true with turkey fryers which contain larger amounts of cooking oil than most conventional deep fryers. The Masterbuilt Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer was built with safety in mind and is engineered in a way that minimizes risks of fire, boiling over and splashing. If the idea of fire safety in regards to turkey fryers is enough to make you squeamish then perhaps an outdoor fryer would be a better choice for your turkey frying needs. One like the Bayou Classis Outdoor Turkey Fryer. Even outdoor turkey fryers need to be handle with care to avoid personal injury but at least there’s a lot less chance of burning your house down.

If you need to be able to fry a large turkey this holiday season and you want to be able to do it indoors, then the Masterbuilt Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer XL could be a good choice for you.

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